Lead Pastor Search

How can I contact someone about the Lead Pastor search or submit my resume?

Email the team at 

What happened to our Lead Pastor?

Pastor Billy Ross is actually still here! After over three decades in ministry as a pastor, and 15 years here at CBC, Pastor Billy is feeling led to transition from his calling to pastor a local church body to equipping pastors who are reaching people for Christ in others parts of the world. Pastor Billy has become involved with World Hope Bible Institute and has already been to Paris and Botswana to teach Bible Institute classes to local pastors and he will eventually do this on a more permanent basis. On May 28 Pastor Billy announced his transition to the CBC church family so we can begin seeking the man God is calling to lead us in the years to come.

What are the stages in the process to hire a new Lead Pastor?
  • According to our By-Laws, a Lead Pastor Search team must be formed to walk through the process of seeking candidates for the position.
  • The church family submits names to the elders.
  • Elders vet the names and send a list of potential members to the Lay Leadership Search Team.
  • The Lay Leadership Search Team contacts and interviews each person on the list.
  • Once a final list is approved, the names are presented to the church family for a vote.
  • The Team receiving resumes, conduct interviews and narrows down the list of candidates for Lead Pastor.
  • Lead Pastor candidates will also interview with the elders, and meet with staff and key ministry leaders.
  • The church family will be presented a candidate for consideration and vote.
What stage of the search process are we in?
  • The Search Team is using the book "Search"  by William Vanderbloemen to better understand the process of finding a pastor.  
  • The team has been discussing the type of lead pastor needed to help achieve CBC's mission - to glorify God by making fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.  
  • The team is developing a ministry job description for the position of lead pastor.  
Who comprises the search team for a Lead Pastor?
  • Per our By-laws, the search team for our Lead Pastor will consist of at least three elders (one of whom shall serve as chairman) and at least three active members of the CBC Church family. The team will consult with and ask for input from various groups and leaders within the church and will seek wisdom and input from staff pastors and ministry directors. 
  • The elders serving on the team are Mark Hillis (chairman), Jim Lewis and Terry Tinsley. 
  • The at-large members are Kelly Chestnut, Jeff Coward, Brian Crawford, Kristin Hollick, Carolette Melbourne, Monica Sanza, and Kelley Wesley.  
  • Elaine Bonds is serving as the staff liaison.