Worship Pastor Search

Updated:  June 5, 2018

How can I contact someone about the worship pastor search or submit my resume?

Email the team at  .

What happened to our worship pastor?

Art Werner ministered at CBC for ten years. In December 2016, he accepted a call to become the Pastor of Worship and Administration of First Baptist Church, Jasper, AL. A good friend and pastor that Art previously worked with had moved recently to FBC Jasper, and he extended an invitation to Art to join him in ministry again.

What are the stages in the process to hire a new worship pastor?
  • According to our By-laws, a Worship Pastor Search team must be formed to walk through the process of seeking candidates for the position.
  • The church family submits names to the elders.
  • Elders vet the names and send a list of potential members to the Lay Leadership Search Team.
  • The Lay Leadership Search Team contacts and interviews each person named.
  • Once a final list is approved, the names will be presented to the church family for a vote.
  • The Team will begin receiving resumes, conduct interviews and narrow down the list of candidates.
  • The Candidate will also interview with elders, and meet with staff and key ministry leaders.
  • The Church family will be presented a candidate for consideration and vote.
 What stage of the search are we in?
  • The committee has prayerfully evaluated the resumes and materials provided by more than 50 highly qualified pastors and worship leaders.
  • The committee then narrowed the field to the top 10 for further consideration.
  • Candidates were sent in depth questionnaires, we evaluated their responses, and conducted prescreening interviews with the top 5 candidates.  
  • Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts Search Team determined that only two of the top 5 candidates have the giftedness, skill set, education, experience and aptitude to move CBC forward to a new dynamic and God-honoring worship experience. One of these candidates was led by God to accept another position in Florida. 
  • The Worship Pastor Search Team has continued to prayerfully engage with our remaining candidate who has requested that we slow down the process and allow the new Lead Pastor the opportunity to provide his input into the selection of the pastor to fill this essential ministry position. Therefore, the position is on hold as we focus our energies on the on-boarding of our new Lead Pastor.
  • Here is a link to the ministry job description.
Who comprises the search team?
  • Per our church By-laws, the search team should consist at a minimum of one (1) elder, one (1) deacon, and at least three (3) at-large members. The current elders recommend expanding the team to include six(6) at-large members.
  • The elder serving on the team is Aubrey Ralph.
  • The deacon serving on the team is Bob Plummer.
  • The at-large members are Amber Joyce, Joni Isaac, Jorge Bezerra, Martha Corrick, Nathan Poe, and Nate Copeland.
  • Bill Hatcher is serving as staff liaison.
How can I help?
  • Pray for our interim Worship Pastor, Marty McCall and our interim 10:45 worship leader, Jim Combs.
  • Pray for our choir, orchestra and praise band as they lead us in worship each Sunday morning.
  • Pray for the Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts Search committee as they prayerfully discern the man God is calling to be our next Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts.
  • Give thanks for all that God has done in a through CBC over the years and pray for a power move of the Holy Spirit as we Move Forward in Faith to impact our community for Christ in this new season.