Help for Mothers… and for Others

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May 13, 2018 | Dr. Billy Ross

Help for Mothers… and for Others

Introduction – Mother’s Day is a day of showing appreciation to our mothers. But, for some it can also a difficult day. If you are faced with challenges in your life and family, allow Hannah to be your example. In 1 Samuel, we find that God not only sees you and knows your situation but offers hope and help. This is a lesson is for mothers as well as singles, divorcees, men and children because God offers help and hope to mothers as well as to all the others. 

 The need for help (1:1-16)

 Physically (v. 2, 5); Socially (v. 1-8); Emotionally (v. 7, 10);
   Spiritually (v. 3, 12-16)

 The plea for help (1:7-18)

 Worship (v. 7); Prayer (v. 9-11); Faith (v. 17-18)

 The answer to help (1:19-21)

 The response to help (1:19-28; 2:1-10)

 Obedience (1:21-28) and Praise (2:1-10)

Conclusion - Hannah stands as proof that God cares about your
problems. No matter how ugly or complicated or hopeless your
situation seems, there’s hope; there’s help!