Let’s Change the World

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May 06, 2018 | Dr. Billy Ross

Let’s Change the World

Introduction – Something within us cries out that the world is broken and that people’s lives must be fixed. Our world needs to be turned upside down so it will be right side up. As we look at Paul and Silas in Acts 17, we’re going to see the characteristics that illustrate the principles that enable us to change the world.

 It will take ...

 Courage (v. 1-2, 10)

 Truth (v. 2-3, 11) 

 It will produce...

 Followers of Jesus (v. 4, 12) 

 Opposition (v. 5-9, 13-15) 

 It is to be done...  

 For God’s glory (v. 16)

 Conclusion – We must have a sense of urgency about the need to proclaim Jesus to a broken world full of hurting people. Ask God to give you the courage to share the truth—for His glory! 

Series Information

A study in Acts looking at how God redirected Paul's journey to spread the Gospel.