CBC is led by a diverse group of men and women who provide critical leadership in a variety of roles for our church family as we seek to make a difference in Northern Virginia and around the world for Jesus Christ.

We are elder-led.  We have a body of elders that oversee the overall direction of the church.  Their job is to keep us pointed toward our mission, to keep us in line with God's Word, and to ensure that the church body is pastored and cared for.  The elders work to provide the broad direction forward into the future.  Meet the elders

We are staff-directed.  CBC has church staff that takes the overall direction and boundaries set by the elders and turns that into specific plans of action.  The staff at CBC serve to recruit, train and equip our church body to make a difference in our world.

We are partner-driven.  At our core, we are driven by our church partners, those who share our vision and are committed to partner with us to make a difference in our church, in our community, and in our world.  CLICK HERE to learn how to partner with CBC to make a difference in our world.

Meet the Staff . . .


Dr. Josh Daffern

Lead Pastor

Bill Hatcher

Outreach Pastor

Todd Nichols

Worship Pastor


Todd Nichols

Worship Pastor

Steve Fowler

Technical Director and Worship Service Coordinator

Julie Stanos

Worship Coordinator

David Sheets

Worship Coordinator

Valarie Squerciati

Worship Ministry Associate

Ian Foose

Worship Ministry Partner


Bill Hatcher

Outreach Pastor

Tim Cho

Outreach Ministry Assistant

Community Life

Kelly Chestnut

CBC Men's Director

Elaine Bonds

CBC Women's Interim Director

Abigail Parker

Community Life Ministry Assistant

Rebecca Wadas

First Steps Coach and Social Media Manager

CBC Cares

Bill Hatcher

Outreach Pastor

Corrine Brannaka

Senior Staff Ministry Assistant

CBC Students

Jason Harrop

Student Ministry Director

Justin Lorig

Middle School Ministry Director

Suzie Roulette

Student Ministry Assistant

CBC Kids

Harris Knupp

CBC Kids Director

Michelle Pablo

Nursery & Preschool Coordinator

Gina McMillan

CBC Kids Ministry Assistant

Deanna Wallis

CBC Kids Ministry Partner


Cindy Hall

Ministry Operations Executive Director

Chris Wanner

Technology Director

Rick Campbell

Safety and Security Director

Sylvia Frisby

Business Administrator

Corrine Brannaka

Senior Staff Ministry Assistant

Harlan Wahlert

Facilities Director

Bonita Hurdle


Meg Pearson

Church Hostess

Vic Webb


Wendy Nostheide

Graphics and Publications

Everett Hurdle

Video Production

Tony Chiocca