About Us

Our Mission

To glorify God by making fully-devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

To make a difference.

Our strategy

We believe there are four things that every human is created to crave.  These four things are the strategy that fuel our mission.

Know God

We want to know who made us and why.  We do this primarily through weekend worship services. 

Find Freedom

We believe that there is a powerful and practical way we can find freedom.  We do this primarily through Community Life.  

Discover Purpose

We want to help you discover how your personality, spiritual gifts, passions, and your life experiences all weave together to create a vibrant, life-giving purpose for your life.  We do this primarily through Next Steps Track.

Make A Difference

Our greatest energy is utilized in helping people leverage their purpose to make a difference.  We do this primarily through being a difference maker.

Our Core Values

Mission Over Preference

We value the mission Jesus gave us to make disciples of all nations more than religious tradition or personal preference, so we will do whatever it takes - without violating scripture - to reach people far from God.

Outrageous Generosity

It is more blessed to give than to receive, so we will joyfully bless others and be a church marked by life-giving generosity and excellent stewardship of God's resources.  

Hospital for the Hurting

We value being a place of healing where people find hope, restoration, and freedom in Jesus, so we will embrace the messes and journey with people toward wholeness in Christ.

Transformation Through Teams

Spiritual growth accelerates when we serve others and we can accomplish far more together than apart, so we will serve together in teams and we will equip leaders who can change the world.

Many Peoples One Body

We value reaching and reflecting our diverse community, so we will be a multi-ethnic, multi- generational church made up of many peoples, but one body.