Our Unchanging God in Ever Changing Times

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Jun 10, 2018 | Aubrey Ralph, CBC Elder

Our Unchanging God in Ever Changing Times

Isaiah 6:1-8

How do we deal with change? How do we manage change in our lives?

Here are four steps that we can learn from the scripture today.


  1. We look back at our past - reflecting with thankfulness for our heritage
  2. We look around us with gratitude for the present
  3. We look forward with anticipation as we gather
    momentum for the future
  4. We look up with adoration and amazement, captured by His holiness


Conclusion:  We see reflections of our own unworthiness. We see the neediness of people around us. We hear God's call to service - Who will go?


The only appropriate response is
“Here Am I Lord - Send Me, Use Me”


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A study in Acts looking at how God redirected Paul's journey to spread the Gospel.