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Parting Words

Jul 08, 2018 | Dr. Billy Ross


Introduction – In order for our lives to truly count for God, we must be willing to surrender our personal preferences -- even
something precious -- for the cause of Christ. Genesis 22 records Abraham’s willingness to surrender his most precious “possession”
and how God transformed that act into a richly rewarding and
meaningful experience.

God sends tests our way (v. 1-2) 

People who focus on God are willing to surrender (v. 3-5)  

Immediately (v. 3)

 Persistently (v. 4)

 Confidently (v. 5)

God always provides (v. 6-14)   

God reassures the surrendered of His blessings (v. 15-19)   

Conclusion - If God asks you to give up a personal preference or something precious, how will you respond?


Series Information

The final five messages from Pastor Billy.