We Can’t… But God Can

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Mar 11, 2018 | Dr. Billy Ross

We Can’t… But God Can

Introduction – Moses was a God-called, spirit-filled man but he was also an angry man. He often accomplished great exploits for God but he sometimes found himself entangled in sinful behavior. That is a person like us—a man from whose life we can learn! From the story of God’s call on his life in Exodus 3, we can learn a very important scriptural principle: We can’t... but God can!  

 God has a plan for each of us (3:1-10)

 None of us can accomplish that plan... but God can (3:11-4:17) 

 We are inadequate for the task... but God is with us (3:11-12)

 We don’t have sufficient authority... but God has all authority

 We won’t be believed... but God will do the convincing (4:1-9)

 We don’t have the ability... but God will supply all we need (4:10-17)

 Conclusion – The sufficiency for any task to which God has called us is available from God. Let’s draw upon Jesus’ limitless resources by claiming His promises and calling upon Him in prayer.


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